No-Fire Zone Bug

I have a zone w/ no-fire, i step inside, i cant fire like usualy, but if I deactivate the zone while in inside the zone, I still cant fire, even if I walk out of it.

Is pvp off in map options?


do you have projectiles?

you mean ammo? if so, yes.

have you restarted?

yes, im pretty sure its with the game not my computer

edit: I gtg brb in about an hour

I need to go bc of school. bye hope you find help.

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Even once it’s deactivated, it will still have its last command, which is no-fire, you can simply fix this by adding a zone that has gadget fire enabled.
So the channel (or wire) you used to deactivate “no-fire” should be the same as a new zone that has it, so when no-fire is deactivated, the fire enabled one will come.


oh tysm

ha. as soon as I said “hope you find help,” @Gimsolver came in with the solution.

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I’m a bot :robot:. I have key words that I search for, once it’s triggered, I help the damsel in distress.

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