Night Shift Project Planning by SIU Team, (Needs ideas for game.)

Can you guys give me ideas for the Project?

Huh? What in the world?

Could you elaborate? What are you talking about.

#1: This shouldn’t be in the ideas tag.

#2: Chats aren’t allowed

#3: …What are you taking about!!!

Could we have a bit more details?

@EGGacha that’s what I was a thinking, but apparently, its used for help topics now, according to foxy. I thought this was for CMG to give people ideas.

We are planning to make a game that is like a Stalker and a FNAF map together and we want to know if y’all want to help make it

Like there’s ideas-catalog, and then there’s ideas, they should go in the same category, but apparently not. But oh well.

@xbox360fit could we have more details, please?

You should put this under your profile.

I thought it was used for BOTH idea catalogs and help topics where you need ideas. This is neither.

So I was thinking but its not final like you are working at a night shift at a warehouse and someone is robbing the place and you can watch cams. that’s my ideas for right now!

If so, you can not, I repeat, not post codes, period. But just saying, the only way we could help is by the Padlet or Wix, their respective links are down below.

Codes & Gimkit Games - Code Sharing | Gimkit Creative This is the wix

Here are some padlets.

The only way we could really help on the forums is by giving you ideas, or guides.

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So what help do you need then, exactly? Do you like an idea?

Maybe add achievements, or difficulties.

ok thanks will do try to tell them about it!

Can you explain what the SIU team is and what is the point of this post.

this application is not used for chatting
post anything that will help gimkitters using gimkit creative.
anything else would probably be at risk of getting flagged.

ok thanks for the heads up!

@xbox360fit please help explain i want to help but i don’t know what you are wanting.

I just need help for what I can add for a project

That’s what we should say instead of threatening flagging their posts.
So, @xbox360fit, what do you need help with?

ok what is the theme of the map?