New Update: April 24th, 2024

New devices coming sometime around the creative anniversary! Two confirmed, plus maybe some more :0


Umm…that means you are 1. admitting you hate on him, as that was saying you are one that hates on him…so you just incriminated yourself good job no way to talk your way around this! Even wolftech and blizzy go off topic, and if he hasn’t been doing recently you don’t need to bring it up… and you joined 5 days ago… you can’t be talking bad about a much more known member and one who has been on here so much longer than you…and just ignore it…hating on someone will do ABSOLUTELY nothing to them, but will eat you up inside…so let it go.

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What are the confirmed devices? :open_mouth:


He actually joined in december :speechless:
I’ve said too much now

yay!!! perfect timing as well! :grin:

you’ve basically just accused someone of hating on gimkit101 for pointing out he’s broken forum rules in the past. think about that for a second.

Player Position Detector, and Player Damager Device! (I don’t know the actual name of the second one, but it removes player health!)


also is there gonna be any of this for potential updates?

  • Drawing in creative
  • Filtering props
  • Ai
  • Save codes
  • Gim appearance changer like ss mummies
  • Invisibits

You can just implement this yourself. Don’t know if it will be added, but i doubt.

No clue what you mean by this.


I doubt it, just make them yourself.


I don’t know.

off topic moment


I’ve been here for almost a year now, I’ll back him up. You’ve also only been here 5 days, I wouldn’t be so quick to tell people they haven’t been here long enough to be properly informed about something.

Hating on someone only eats you up inside if you’re hating on them, not pointing out valid historical points haha.


Please never, ever, abbreviate snowy survival

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OMG. THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING. bye bye to coordinate system though :frowning: the player damager device will be awesome too!


goodbye pseudo health and forums


Like when crafting table replaced farming systems :(


(post deleted by author)

I just answered that. See the post here:

At least blizzy and wolftech contribute to the forums.


this kind of makes whoever made the systems (dragon tamer and I_am_helpful) more “legendary” – cant find the word for it.

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bruh…i like how you ignore the OBVIOUS fact that i made the reply saying why someone is hated, then someone says no WE are not jealous that’s is a 100% undeniable self-incriminating saying he hates him…i shouldn’t even have to point it out…yal are 20x smarter than me

i realized i deleted reply…i typed, click send, closed computer rq…came back it was still as draft, i sent…scrolled up…it was already sent.

bro I “like” how you just suddenly showed up and decided to pick a small bit of what i said and ignore the ENTIRE point of my reply.

i have absolutely no idea how saying “we’re not jealous, he just posts off-topic way too much about his game” is 100% undeniable self-incriminating saying he hates him…

anyways, blackhole, do you have any descriptions about the music and sound devices?