New things to add? Suggestions?

Im trying to do a delivery sabotage where you have people that will sabotage the deliverers as they are trying to deliver their items but i have no idea what to add

i don’t know what you want me to do

maybe block out the tabs since it shows private info and you might get flagged


I thought you went to bed

i blocked it out so it doesnt show any personal info

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wdym lmao what idk wdym

well We can see edits though so Got to hope no one checks that

please get back on-topic ABCD and Gimkitsuggestor

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alright you should maybe make boxes explode if this is a sabotage thing


Have sentries at major locations. They will turn on and off, moving closer. Once they reach the destination, increase a counter. If the sentries are KO`d, “cut” the sequence with a trigger and uncut after time to move passes

Add a warehouse where the deliverers get the packages and houses for the deliverers to deliver the package. And for the opposing side give them zappers and they upgrade weapons.

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:sparkles:deeeeetails!!! :sparkles:

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The thing is im still new to this process

Making good maps comes with experience. At least that’s from my point of view. I starting making maps without any tutorials or anything, and I was terrible lol

its been many months and you finally answer XD

sorry i have been busy also lets get back on topic

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You can also get inspiration from playing other maps (well, not the “I made this in 2 seconds, here you go” types.)

I made one other map that I finished it may not be a delivery game but its kind of fun…

That’s how I started out. Good concept bad map. Don’t worry, you’ll improve over time.