New Name idea for my game

I have made a new game where you are in a moon lab and have to escape, but I feel like I need a better name than it is. The current name is Escape the Evil Moon Lab (not advertising) and needs more. I will pick out my favorite names and put a poll on another topic.

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Coming up with fun names is hard but I think you should try getting rid of evil and just have it something like Escape The Moon Lab. Or you could make it like The Moon Lab Escape. (I know these aren’t much different from yours)

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moon mind maze? I think that will be a nice name.

They didn’t really say it had to do with mazes so maybe you could make it Moon mind lab or something

sonds good, @VO1D That will be sort of better

how about “THE LAB”
that sounds more of a horror game than escaping a moon lab, but whatever.

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Yesss @wait.what.626Youtube good idea :+1:

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The escape of the evil moon lab??

hmm i’l make it one of them on the poll ok?

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ummm sorry but no its a little close to my name and kinda boring no offense

Crazy Celestial Crash Course

Also why is this in the art category?

thats a little long i want something short but suspensful

Okay, makes sense. I was out of ideas.

its cool i honestly don’t care if you use aai I just need some good ideas

oh idk let me fix it

also thx for the follow

How about Escape: Mooned

oh well i was gonna close it because I’m just going with the original name but can you help me with the thumbnail? (if ur up 4 it)