New mode thoughs, and ideas(thanks josh)

thoughts on the new map and comments.

Ideas- change the name to mining madness
also I think the pickaxe may be backwards

Bro, this isn’t a platform for chatting, all posts must be related to gimkit creative in some way.

It is, it’s about the new mining game mode

That’s not gimkit creative, that’s plain gimkit.

I’m glad you enjoy Gimkit. However, this is the wrong forums. We are here to talk specifically about Gimkit Creative. Please do not post unrelated content to GKC. for suggestions.

Hey, it’s @Dragontamer! That’s Kyro, Alan_Shen, and Dragontamber, all in one day! Good to see you!

good to see you to the new mode is fun and it was funny to see the chaos in the google doc

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