New map in the making and I need help

I’m trying to make a new map and I want to make it so when 2 buttons are pressed it dose something but I don’t know how do it. the best I can do Is make it so 1 button activates another button and that button does something. Please help me.

What do you want those buttons to do?

I need to know what you are wanting to make the buttons do so I can help.

Do you want them to be pressed one at a time, or at the same time?

He said seperatly.

scratch that, it wouldn’t work

@Gizmo2.0 your post was a little vague on what you are wanting to accomplish. Can you refrase it so we can undertand what you mean? That would be greatly appreciated.

I want them to make a prop invisible I’m not entirely sure how to do it

sorry for not being vague my bad :sweat_smile:

You probably could have them both broadcast on the same channel or use wires.

oh wait i think i found a solution. Make one button transmit on a channel when pressed, then place down a trigger that isn’t active on game start. Now go into its channels and make it activate when receiving on the channel the button is transmitting on. Then wire your second button to the trigger, so that button pressed - trigger. Now wire the trigger to something else, or use channels to make it run an action when triggered.

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I tried but i’m not that skilled

just wire the trigger to the prop, so that triggered - hide prop

@Vortex-Mist alright I will try that

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right thanks man it works. vary cool :+1:


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I already told him on the FAQ for the forum.

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