New map Fnaf Vs Prison Escape

do I make a prison escape or fnaf world? which would you choose

You should make a poll

  • Prison escape
  • FNAF
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Like this

thank you so very much

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Oh and Welcome to the Creative Forums!

Me and my friends have a group Called GIMPOSSIBLE

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Welcome to the cmmunity @THE_REAPER!

And I would honestly do the prison excape, there is a lot more ypu can d in creative with that as the theme.

Welcome to the forums, @THE_REAPER!
Here is some info:

Welcome to the forum @THE_REAPER

thank you all for welcoming me

No problem! We always do this!

i have already built a hide and seek map space edition

That’s cool what sort of theme were you thingking for the game? (Prison escape is winning by a landslide)

Prison escape for sure i might later do the fnaf but I all ready have the map ready to start making

I just have to complete my idea board and get more ideas


Muchas gracias a todos

thank you all so much

your welcome
(de nada) :)))