New gkc features that feel more like improvements to blast ball

gimkit recently added a update to gkc when i noticed it was a day after the last update and had only three things…
list of new things:

  1. blaster now can be held to fire
  2. waypoints can have color on their test and arrows (yess finally WOOOOOO)
  3. if pvp is disabled other players projectiles go though players

number 1 and 3 sound like improvements made to blast ball but at least the blaster got hold fire
number 2 is GOATED though this is like one of the BIGGEST pieces of stuff added to gkc (for me atleast) so now we can finally have 20 waypoints without them colliding looking like a white blur PLUS you can make the arrow a diff color to the text allowing for MAXIMUM COSTIMZATION (you can tell I’m very happy about this update)

vote on how much you like this update

  • OMG YESS BEST UPDATE :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

  • good I guess :roll_eyes:

  • FINALLY THE BLASTER HAS HOLD FIRE :cowboy_hat_face::mega:

  • nice update :smiley:

  • all I want for Christmas is BLASTBALL upgrades :soccer:

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I think #2 is noice…adds for more customization…


Number 1 would alter pvp in my opinion, number 2 is very good, I was just wishing I could change the waypoint color a couple days ago, and number 3 seems like it would be very good for some knockout steal games or stuff like that.


The hold to fire is very overpowered, as it allows for an infinite fire glitch.


This is an amazing update especially for that blastball has commentary. :partying_face:
I wonder if there will be anymore?