New gim image is kinda angled wrong on locker

I got the solaria gim and i noticed a bug about the solaria gim. The image is down a bit, and so i put a comparison between the Kynami gim and the Solaria gim.

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you know the drill

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can’t email them since i’m using my school account

well, not for this forum account


how could gimkit do this to us!!! (how did you even notice lol)

but yeah, like what Wingwave said.

Then just use a dif email.


the reply below wingwave


that means you don’t have the same email as your forum account.

Use that one, or someone else can do it for you.

I used a temp-mail to protect my school email.

I’m pretty sure i can’t use it anymore.

dang uhhh

you could just make a new email, or Hotmail. Hotmails much easier I heard to make a new email cause you don’t need a phone, just solve a robot captcha. Then you can email them if your that desperate, lol.

I can email for you if you want

Please do.

Btw hotmail is blocked @Txme_Lxss

oh ok.

Also, foxy can do it. (savior!!!)

then new skin looks FIRE! get it? sun is basically fire kinda.

good enough?

@Txme_Lxss lol I’m just someone who can email anyone


Please make sure to say “FersionSpeedy from the forums” just in case they’ll not get confused on who in the world is Fersion.(speedy).

After that, it’ll be good enough.

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not to be rude, but I do this sometimes. its honestly funny. i mske a statement that’s abbreviated and I add more characters just to not confuse them .() - characters extra

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