New game ideas, i will chose all of them

I will chose all of the ideas and put it on an wheele of names and let yall know the results, I dont want any ideas from past post

My account wasnt banned, it was suppended for 3 days
nor this is a alt account, my close friend has the same name as me and he got banned and showed me his rasist comment

You don’t need people to respond, just look here!

Don’t forget to mark a solution!

This is an alt account. You were already told once by someone else that these are not allowed. You also have made multiple of these topics already, two on this account within 6 hours!

wait why was he banned?

R*cist comment about game ending.

what?! how when where did that happen?!

Idk, just click the site that Zane sent and scroll down until you find his acocunt

Doesn’t matter, as long as he’s banned we’re at peace

he has an alt you know? the the currently topic owner @Beaustud811 is the alt. so you sure you wanna say that? and alt are banned from the forums due to ban evading.

He was already called about, as long as he doesn’t make the mistake again and leaves people alone we’re at peace

I am glad you guys are trying to stop it, but you guys don’t need to be responding to each other, just let this exit out, flag him and keep it moving.

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