New Castle/Medieval-Styled Terrain

Castle/Medieval Terrain Update:

In order -

  1. Castle Tile (Green)
  2. Castle Tile (Purple)
  3. Castle Tile (Red)
  4. Cracked Oak
  5. Dungeon (Blue)
  6. Dungeon (Gray)
  7. Dungeon (Green)
  8. Dungeon (Purple)
  9. Stone (Brown)
  10. Stone (Dark)
  11. Stone (Light)
  12. Stone Pavement (Dry Grass)
  13. Stone Pavement (Grass)
  14. Stone Pavement (Purple Grass)


I just got on gimkit and found that terrain before i saw this guide! This is so cool!

When was this added?

Idk but it is cool

i think it was like a couple minutes before the guide was made.

What does this guide teach us? All we have to do is log on the GKC to see it. Also, josh literally just told us. If this is going to be a guide, I suggest adding more details and facts about the terrain.