Never mind found out how without coding

Can someone please help me with this. it is for my published map zombie infection.

What do you mean by weapon repeater?

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I think they mean a constant grant of weapons for everytime they kill a sentry(aka zombie).

Just Make the Sentry (Zombie) drop weapons.

How can i make is so that something gives a random weapon

Like a CoD mystery box

What something?


Welcome to the Forums! There is a way, but it involves block coding. Hope the guide that the wonderful @The_7th_Dragon posted helps!

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you need a randomiser block code like the fishtopia mechanic

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thats the loot table not the fishing mechanic

Whoops wrong link i meant this: How to make the Fishtopia fishing pool/pond

Welcome to the Community @LYLE!

You need Coding for a random weapon so how did you do it without code