Needed building team for a game mode and leader to construct project

Need ideas and builders for kingdom pvp battle where you can raid and steal towns and eventually take over a castle

If you want people in the game building with you go to the wix or discord

I was just thinking of using Gmail and having them build cuz my mum don’t trust me with phones or discord

Welcome to the forums @Reality! Codes are not allowed here.

I wouldn’t advise giving out your email in a place with over three thousand three hundred (3300) people

good point. Do you have any ideas?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

um okay? but I said nothing about that

Just saying…

Okay??? well you want to help with the project

I have other things to do, sorry.

it fine all good here

Hi @Reality ! It’s good to see you again. So we’re trying to make a raid style medieval game, right? Anybody volunteer?

well sort into two teams and you head out conquering towns and when you conquer the citizens attack the oncoming raid trying to steal the town but because you have this town you get more money through tax

Ok, that’s a lot. Wow.

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Maybe post the code on the padlet: (I would help, but I’m tired so maybe tommorrow)

WHATS GOING ON HERE?? I can’t even tell what this is?!

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