Need to add anything/?

What is it? I mean it looks nice, just wondering what it is for

Add park benchs, a fountain, and flowers, that will make it look better and more filled in.


Also, the well is off center…

It is suppose to be a park and you get the water my the Well

Ok I will fix that. now

Grid snap can help with aligning things.

ok will do that right now.

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I will give an update when I got all of that finished. Then mark a solution when nobody has to say anything

Yes just started using it.

Cool…. So it will be an open world rpg?

OK let me know if you need any other help on design aspects because that is what I am good at. And grid snap is only good for aligning things. So don’t rely on it to heavly.

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I WIll do that.

You don’t have to say that/reply to every post with that, you can either say “I’ll do all of your suggestions” or just like the person’s post, it causes clutter.

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Maybe you can use this guide to make a fountain! ⛲ How To Make a Fountain (credits: @tspentakota)

what does RPG stand for??

role playing game

looks nice but you should add some trees look in the prop section and add anything what you want in it that reminds you of a park

might want to layer some stuff and add more props so it’s more “alive”

Yeah kind of. I will try to make it the best I can. But also working on a hide and seek map at the moment. But taking a break from that one to get this one started.

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