Need thumbnail, please help

I need a thumbnail for bedwars @Kat_aronii I saw your thumbnails and they are the best thumbnails I have ever seen! Can you make me a thumbnail? I’ll be so happy! If you can make a thumbnail, let me know and Ill say the details! Your a amazing artist!

you don’t need to include their name in the title if you have already pinged them. And the art tag is for art. art-request if for thumbnails.

@Kat_aronii I need you!

I can help! at least I can try.

here we go

well, that is what I have so far

@Kat_aronii Sorry if Im bugging you with @

I was summoned.

yea I’ll help u out.

sometime soon. I’m organizing things and moderating the wix as the newest mod.
so i’m a little more busy than usual.

sorry i didn’t see the pings. I just logged off of here for a few days since the off-topicness
and trying to improve on that.


OMG !!! Hii!!! Here are the details: We need a bed on a island floating in the sky, the bed will be to the right, there will be any type of wall stone, dirt, anything for the wall! There will be the water glass gim skin protecting the bed, and another one trying to k i l l the gim who is protecting the bed. Tell me if you are confused, and you are a amazing artist! No pressure.

@Kat_aronii Not to rush you, are you almost done?

@Kat_aronii sorry for the bugging

imagine being denied.

I can do it for you!
I use adobe firefly for thumbnails.
Just give me a about a day and some details on what you want to see

Work I've done

Sorry, but I’m waiting for @Kat_aronii to make the thumbnail, but your thumbnails are cool

So I don’t even bother

@Kat_aronii Can I see the progress so far? If not, its fine.

@Kat_aronii ill just wait then : )

DUDE. One ping per post is enough! 8 pings, all for the same person in 18 replies is crazy!

your gonna have to contact her on the wix:

Otherwise you won’t be able to get her thumbnail for your game

oh my bad for not coming on atm. had some difficulties.
I’ma let others get the chance to do it instead.
I don’t think I’ll be able to take in your commission.

@bobithan , Hope this is fine…