Need someone to make a good thumbnail

We are making a among us game and can’t figure out our thumbnail the game name is treemong us. We want a spaceship in shaoe of a tree if possible if not a normal among us type of thumbnail. Put it in the thumbnail below

requests go here Thumbnail tips and requests

Thank you but we dont have the required technology for such a hard task

I can make one if you want

Sorry that was my non-intelligent friend I swear I will never be mean

i was going to say i could help you,
but screw you for being rude and offending furries
no excuses

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Ok thank you that would be amazing and can i get a certain time if not its fine

  1. I’m not a furry
  2. just mark a solution and make a request there

welcome to the forums? its kinda rude to those people who like furries tho. i don’t mind them, I just like cats.

my bad didnt know That was my friend made him apoligize

you have no idea what being called a furry means

true I nver thought of it like that That was also my dumb friend

You are right he doesn’t I will tell him not to make fun of anybody anymore

i do tho. people called me a furry before cause of my pfp and I know what a fursuit is.

just because I linked the example to my pfp doesn’t mean Im not smart enough to know that.

My friend just asked me to say sorry

Do you mean shadow of the tree?

i wasnt making fun of anybody.

hmm okay I apologize for being a little rude too


@TREENINA_cocreator can you mark a solution?
@Caternaught they claim their friend was on their computer

I know I was still typing sorry for the mis conception

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