Need some more endings to add to my game

I am completing the finishing touches to my map, " The Secrets of Blue Harbour. " But I only have one ending, and I want to know of more, ( At least 5 ) and I want them to be thrilling and awesome. Any ideas?

whats your game about?

Basically just doing tasks, and finding out why nobody lives in that town anymore

What’s the ending you already have?

The ending is you getting caught ( So far. )

The Houses Are the people! OoOoOhhhhh

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caught by what …

A sentry.

alr! How about an ending where you leave without figuring anything out, and it says something like “The End?”

A cliffhanger. that’s a good idea

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another ending could be where you are victorious over the sentry, and save all the townspeople. This would be the best ending

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