Need some help with my next game :0

Once again, I am attempting to make a game. Let’s hope this one goes better!

It’s gotta be some sort of water-related game that’s a board game. An IRL game would be best, but it doesn’t have to be. Complexity is not a necessity, but it would be cool if it was.

anyone who knows what I’m doing-you better not spoil it.

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Atlantis-related, mystery-related, fishing-related game. @wingwave Can you tell me what you are doing?

Also, you should probably have:

  • Underwater breathing time
  • Upgrades for swimming speed
  • Upgrades for holding your breath
  • Upgrades for weapons
  • Other upgrades

Do you have discord?

Oh yeah, the idea should be original, so I think fishing should be kept to a minimum.

True. But at least have breath-holding and stuff.

No, can you get onto my padlet?

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also its a board game not an RPG or dungeon crawler and i don’t want to be copying abyss adventures

OH. Ok.


@Blizzy password

I would do with @Blizzy’s idea

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@Blizzy password or smthn?

what are u talking about pls guide me?


blizzy im getting on

ok, anyone else got ideas?

SINCE I know what you are talking about now, @wingwave, I think you should:

  1. Still do a breathing timer, so that if you go a certain somewhere if you don’t get a certain thing in a certain time, you have to pay to keep breathing? Since it’s underwater?
  2. Prob do a thing so that you can gain more speed underwater
  3. That’s all I have

Well, what I need rn is the game game, like what the goal is and what people try to do.

Oh… If it is like the blue penguin’s version, it should be like a half monopoly half Tic Tac Toe thing, in my mind. Like, you have to travel around the “board” to get stuff to claim the x or o? That’s what I would make

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very smrat

thx ill add ur other ideas too

mebbe tmr tho

If you want, you can credit me for the ideas! :smiling_imp:


wanna help sometime?

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Sure! @wingwave Can you get on the Padlet now? I can help now. Not any other time, though, sadly.

Nevermind I cna’t. have to go

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