Need some help, really bad

I mark this topic as a solution as soon as someone gives me the padlet that I can request for thumnails.

Nevermind i linked the wrong one. the right one got deleted

Details for the thumbnail: We need a bed on an island floating in the sky, a bed will be to the right, there will be any type of wall stone, dirt, anything for the wall protecting the bed! There will be the water glass gim skin protecting the bed, and another gim trying to ‘ki ll’ the gim who is protecting the bed.

Oh ok

Thumbnails are allowed, but we don’t want a bunch of thumbnails on the forums. We want them to a bare minimum.

anyone have the padlet? so I can mark this as a solution?

yeah I got you hold on

here is the padlet @bobithan

Or this padlet

bruh don’t make it confusing please one padlet at a time @Ibrahim_4414

two padlet would make no sense.

there’s been like 1 thumbnail request today and almost none even after it’s been said it’s allowed we can handle a couple thumbnail requests ya goobers

wait so the community finally changed their minds? or was there something I missed on a certain topic or reply showing that the mods approved thumbnails?

because if yes
thank God that chaos will finally be over with

Screenshot 2024-05-10 2.26.40 PM

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I hope you mind I borrow that pic so I can show this to people who says it not allowed.

I actually do need a thumbnail tho.

I can’t make art.


A message @ShadowDragon44 got.

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