Need some help- how to make it to where a player has a CHANCE of teleporting to a Easter egg room

I’m putting an easter egg in my map and it has some deep lore about smth related to its story.

in one level I want there to be like 3% chance to teleport there and complete that ritual.

I’m not sure how I could implement that into my game though.

and ideas or help on how to do this?

There’s a pick random in block code.

Use a trigger:
You can do if pick random 1 to 33 is 1, then broadcast on channel CompleteRitual (or whatever channel that’ll teleport you and complete it).


Just use multiple teleporters in the same teleporter group as it. If you want a small chance just copy the main teleporter and the main exit and also the easter egg teleporter and set up the groups so that you won’t ever go from one teleporter to the same one.

3 in 100 would be more accurate to 3%.

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Maybe a sonic the hedgehog Easter egg if you would want to add a another Easter egg room

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