Need more map ideas

already made a post like this, but I really need more map ideas.

what games have you already done i dont wanna give those ideas if i get some that is

brawl, escape stuff like that.

kk let me think<><><><

why not try to make a capture the flag game but with dynamic stuff so then they can protect the flag

or maybe jailbreak i love them

just tried that, didn’t work out (got burnt out and deleted it)

wrong reply sorry, supposed to be for the capture the flag message.

oh so you tried capture the flag or jailbreak?

capture the flag, and it was a boring idea.

oh also if you don’t want to do jailbreak what about escape dungeon?

I suggest making a twist on a gimkit game that already exists, like platformer tag, or one way out with teams.

I HATE remaking Gimkit gamemodes in GKC with a passion.

I already did an escape map.

man I cant think about anything else also has anyone tried to make a tower defense or plants vs zombies?

oh ya I forgot lol<><><>