Need ideas for single player games/maps

Can anyone think of ideas for a single player game that has combat. Thanks

Maybe an rpg or dungeon crawler

I might do that. It seems alright

These guides might help:

  • tycoon
  • city
  • pvp in an abandoned village
  • story with lore and a boss
  • trust-building/breaking game
  • race
  • a real board game
  • a map of the world that you can teleport to detailed places

Just some random ideas.

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Possibly an open world game where you’re a criminal that needs to rob a bank in a futuristic city, but along the way they complete side quest and defeat AI cops trying to stop them.

Wow, I should use this for one of my games

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And a jail you have to break out of. That would be fun.

these seems like good ideas probably use these

It could be kinda similar to Roblox’s jailbreak but with a concentrated story.

When you find an idea you like and don’t need any more, make sure to mark it as a solution.

Or maybe the escapists 2 (if you know what it is, it’s a game where you have to break out of jail without the cops knowing)

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