Need ideas for minigames

I need help thinking about ideas for my Gimkit minigame map, :fire:IAmDude’s Minigame Frenzy​:fire:. Please give me ideas, and I will credit you on the map. You can tell me a different name to credit you if you wish. Thank you!

You Run From A Bomb that is happy

what about these?

  1. Blastball game
  2. Tag
  3. Trivia

Maybe an mini game where the ball device bounces around and where ever it touches disappears making the player have to pick the right spot. made up mini game


What if you do blastball, but players work together to get the ball through an obstacle course? That might be fun….

The Ultimate Ideas List By Legobuilder
maybe find something in here?

plants vs zombies?
you get cash by your sentries killing zombies…then you can buy items to craft from a dirt planting pit to craft different types of plants which are plant sentries with different accuracy difficulties and different weapons.

Yes. Do you wnat me to credit you as MirMirCreates?

YES!!! Do you want me to credit you as Roberta?

Yeah, I could modify that to be AWESOME!!! Should I credit you as Legobuilder?

That’s actually so awesome! Do you want me to credit you as Bookwyrm703?

sure if ya want idc. i just enjoy helping!

THATS SO AWESOME! OMG! I will add that. Do you want me to credit you as CaptionPuffy?

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ok, thats fine. It’s awesome that you enjoy helping!

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sure! sorry, I was busy.

Maze, color block, death run

@IAmDude Yeah just put @CaptionPuffy.

Sure! I’d love to get credit, but only if its no to much work for you…

Sorry been busy on my map the past hour.


Thank you so much!