Need Ideas for Mini Games

Oh yeah, good idea. I’ll do that.

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Welcome to the forum, @noah !!

Yeah, I can do that. Already got a plan for it. Thanks for the idea!



  1. each team has a base that you can damage for points, and when you destroy the enemy team’s base, your team gets 500 points and the game ends. you also get points for knocking out players obviously
  2. each round, you can use up to three different special powers, each of which lasts 30 seconds. these could include:
  • bonus mode: you gain 2x or 3x more points
  • spy mode: gives you access to a secret passage on the side of the map which no one can see, so you can get to the enemy base undercover
  • speedy mode: heck yeah
  • energizer: instant (does not last), refills your ammo, energy, and health
  • regen mode: makes you slowly regenerate health

This is probably the mode I’m most excited to create, thanks for the great idea! And currently, for my map, I have that winning players will be given cash for winning mini games. So maybe I can add boosters for a small amount of cash, and then to decide which team gets the cash, the team with the most amount of points gathered wins. Once again, thank you!


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How about creating a game that resembles tag, but with a twist? The game could have a timer, and whoever is “it” when the timer runs out gets eliminated. To keep the game exciting, each round could be limited to a specific duration, say 1 minute.

like a squid games thing?

no its called bomb tag

Oh, yeah I know what you mean.


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