Need ideas for levels

Hey I need some ideas for some levels for my game stumble slide
it’s like stumble guys but who can get down the slides the fastest

add one where you slide down and you try not to get stopped by a wall that pops up and you have to time it right to pass the wall without getting stopped

hm nice idea
i’ll wait for more

You could add destroyable props on the way down that players need to break.


Smart! Thanks, Yolk!

Perhaps you could add a slide with a bunch of lasers and give it the vibe of a spy movie. Make it feel like the player is repelling down to steal something.

add collectible items in the air they can use to purchase power-ups:

just, have an item image, a trigger, an item granter, and a wire repeater.

let the trigger be triggered by collision.
make it broadcast on a channel connected with the item granter.

wire the trigger with a wire repeater so it deactivates the trigger when the trigger is triggered, and have the item image be hidden when the trigger is triggered.

I didn’t explain this idea much in depth because you are pretty good at GKC and I am a little tired.

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