Need help with repeater

Can one of you guys tell me step by step on how to make a counter go UP, with a repeater?

The counter needs to go up AUTOMATICLY

I’m assuming you want it to start on game start but if not then you can use any other triggering device to start the repeater.
So first place down a lifecycle set to game start, then get your repeater and make it stop when receiving on a channel, don’t put one there. Then make it repeat every 1 second. (Or how long before it increments again) Wire the lifecycle to the repeater: Event occurs > Start repeater. Then just get a counter and wire the repeater to the counter: Repeats > increment timer.
You can also use channels

i need the counter to start so the game ends

K, then wire the counter to a end game device

Will it automatically start on i’s own???

it didn’t work…

Use a lifecycle set to game start and wire it to the repeater

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