Need help with my map!

So I’m making where you show off your gims , but I want to make it where whoever wants to show off is not randomized, so people don’t equip there best skins and not show off, kind of defeats the purpose.

  1. Can you remove the wip tag? that is for guides.
  2. Uhhhhhh. I don’t understand? Do players equip their own skin to show off?

i dont think this is possible
but im not a gimkit god
u jst pretty much pick a skin .-.
and if they dont follow the rules u kick them
that’s what i would do : P

I think I phrased it wrong, there are 3 judges, and I don’t want the judges to equip their best skin.

I can remove it.

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then the judges jst dont equip them??
i might be brain dead

Hey… your back!

(For now… I understand your leaving. I feel the same way too.)

So do you mean like, you want the player to have a randomized skin when they get in the game?

If so, I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.

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No, I mean that the judges are randomized and the show off person to.

well then i dont rlly think it would matter. since the contestants arent going to judge the judges anyways. so it doesnt matter if the judges have their best skin on.
this is my preference if i was going to make a map like this.

Relays? Randomized. Give them an item to signify they are a judge, like a gold key card. Use a checker, and if they don’t have a gold key card, then proceed with your action of changing their team.