Need help with MANY THINGS

I need help. Me and my friends are trying to make a spleef map, (Shoutout to Super Spleef Bros for inspiration!) and I need a background. What we’re doing now is making giant props at the back with no collision. (I’m using the platforming, BTW) So far, that works but it doesn’t look right.

Also, I need to be able to teleport everyone to one place, but nothing’s working.

And I need a thumbnail, as well as map Ideas.

-Metro81 (@Destroyer81sr on Roblox. Don’t friend me.) Find me on Scratch, even though I’m not good.)

Try a barrier as the very back layer with layering.

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Welcome to the forums @Metro81

For this try
Spawn pad and a small spawn area.
Then put zone in the small area and connect it to a teleporter where you need to teleport everyone to once place. Player enters zone → teleporter player

Try using a relay with a teleporter!

I have. It doesn’t work. It did, but something happened and it wont do anything.

hmmm. weird…