Need help with making "Island hopper adventure

I need help MAKING a map called island hopper adventure its a map where you go island to island beating pirates and defeating bosses, BUT It’s to fast or short in a way and I need some ideas that will make it last longer. want to help?

Add easter eggs, make it so you need to craft better weapons to go forward because the sentries have increased health, etc,.

And no this isn’t an advertisement so please don’t think it is.

good idea. I’ll try to do that

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ok what if you add a level where you have to go into a cave to find shards to get a better wepeon :slight_smile:

Maybe I could add more bosses I already have the PIRATE BOSS, THE BUISENESS BOSS AND, THE ROBOT BOSS AND, THE FINAL BOSS

as side mission for an island surviver that’s to scared to go in to the cave

Good idea! I’ll see to it!

thanks hope this helped :slight_smile:

it did. thanks for the help.

I have an idea that you can probably add

What is it? how can it help?

you should scatter plot of why your are hoping island to island and whats the goal (why are you beating the boss) :slight_smile:

sure! but how do you make that appear on screen?

notifications device

how do you make that work? thats what I meant to say. I’ve tried to use one before but it didn’t work.

there another device to make it appear in the middle but I forgot what it was

oh you make to pop up device put the plot and hook it up to a button and make the button invisible wire it to the notification and put what you want the player to talk to or read

good idea thanks. for helping! can I talk to you on the wix?

I don’t have a wix acount