Need help putting my kits on my games

Can’t figure out how to put a kit on a game, or whether or not I can let my players choose their own kits when they play.

So confusing!!!

i think you jsut put a kit down an dwhen u pub it it’ll let the host pick a kit

Use have to use a questioner, have you checked the settings?

I have checked the settings and the questioner

actually I just saw an option for kit pasting. Can i make it so that the players choose their own kit though?

Umm I think so, let me check

So far I don’t think that there is a option for the players to choose their own kit, only for the creator to past the kit.
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Welcome to the fourms @Novel_idea !

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So when you have a questioner, leave the kit link box blank. However, when you publish the map, put it under educational, so it will let players choose a kit they want to use.


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