Need help on ideas for my game and what should I build

The game called quantum Portal arena PLEASE GIVE ME IDEAS

Make a space themed battle arena. (Si-fi barriers, OWO props)
Also, welcome!

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Make the arena a BIIIIIIIIIG box and players have to parkour around it and fight.

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Make a trap that activates every once in a while. (@Car189 I never knew we joined the same day lol. i thought it was just me… sorry had to say that…)


They may or may not have the season pass.

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Darn. Then they could just make it a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG box with a bunch of obstacles and maybe they could collect power ups to increase their speed.


I didn’t know that!


Alright, let’s both be back on topic and zip our mouths on that conversation.


I would make the map have a space/tech theme. Since quantum portals seem kind of magical, and they look like advance tech.

Hope this helps :+1:

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Length warning

Make the map and background+props so they fit together for a quantum theme, maybe black to match, or white to contrast with the black portals being shot. Add save code system for upgrades and special stuff and weapons, and maybe some lore…Make it unique, and deeply detailed…Add it where it has many modes playable like elimination, infection, team, solo, etc.
Add where players can vote each round on what props and challenges inside the arena…so 3d printer or armor stands, sentries or lasers, etc.
Make it unique and good.

Also make a good thumbnail so it stands out, maybe add emojis in title, and get a more interesting intriguing game name. Have updates to keep popularity, and make sure to make a epic lobby to draw more attention. The better the thumbnail, the more chance they look at it…the better the lobby more chance they stay and play it…the better it looks in game, better chance they continue to play…and don’t make it so its a easy play and do everything make it so it has special surprises and stuff that makes it fun to play continuously and not a 1 play and done.

Sorry it is so much but i had a lot of ideas and stuff to say, as i’m currently working on a guide for tips and tricks for making better maps.


maybe you could add like a spaceship to your map
(also add the ideas to this topic :wink:)

Maybe add a arena, that shifts ocasionally and maybe the weapons available to purchase as well…
like it can be scientific and all…then shifts to a gladiator like one with pickaxes…ideas below


Scientific-Blasters can be bought.
Gladiator-Pickaxes can be bought
Space-Quantum portals can be bought.
Sunny and grass-Slingshot can be bought.
Water-Pml can be bought.
Evil theme-Evil eye
Snow them-snowball launcher

thanks for the ideas make sure to play the game and have fun keep giving ideas