Need help on a randomizer with popups

Well, like the title said, I’ve made this randomizer that broadcasts a channel through a random integer (1 through 6). It doesn’t work, maybe because I used it for something the community made guides didn’t specify.

I tried to use said channel to open a popup. I basically used two buttons, one deactivated at the start of the game, the other activated. If the channel broadcasted on the block activates, it should deactivate one button and activate the other.

Once the deactivated button is activated, it’s able to be pressed. If not, the original button is left on. There are some channels involved, but the wires are shown here:


The problem is that the activated channels are completely and totally distant from whatever fairyland they resided in and their little ones and zeroes disappeared. To shorten it, the button with a one in six chance to deactivate… doesn’t deactivate. In addition to that, the button supposed to activate doesn’t activate. I’ve tried countless times, and tweaked and fixed things, but it just doesn’t work.

I maybe didn’t specify the problem well enough, but I hope my little image for my block I set up to randomize helps.

which channel deactivates the button?

what game mode
murder mystery?

The channel broadcasted on channel 6. For reference, this is a Murder Mystery.

this should work
maybe every time u testplayed it you just got lucky and the channel was never chosen

in what instance would a cook be evil?

I’ve tried it 100+ times. I’ve tried everything, so I’m thinking of scrapping the whole block and trying again.

Oh, it’s like clue, so I’m trying to randomize the killer of the “Mr. Boddy” of the situation.

can u post this on wix so i can j0in in and take a look at it?
dont give me editing permissions
ill just look

I don’t have a “Gimkit Account” or whatever it’s called for sending links. I forget what it is, but I can’t get into it. I dunno why.

just make an account on wix

I’ve requested to j0in.



  1. does anything trigger the block code?
  2. are the button channels correct?

I made sure the button channels were correct, and I activated the blocks to a lifecycle event that triggers on game start.

are the button-popup wires wired correctly?
(also wix is kinda inactive now with everyone on vacation and stuff, so it might take a while)

I sure hope so, because I’ve checked and double checked everything a trillion times.

is this you?

Yes, that’s me… unless someone’s using my name at the same time as me.

i dont know how to let you in. maybe you can contact WhereIsMyHat?

Hmm… I’ll try. Not sure how it works, so I can’t help with it.