Need help Making Dumb Ways To Die Game In GKC

Sorry Everyone on the last post i made that was exactly like this.
i need as much help as possible.
i dont know if code sharing is allowed on here.

What game is that? Plus it may be a bit too dark for gimkit.

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All the current methods of dying are by sentry, laser, player, and respawn zone. Use those as a starting point.

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Codes aren’t allowed, but if you want to post them, put them here:

I’m banned from it

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Yeah i was thinking that.

Yeah if you add gore like blood, it will not be allowed but if you change teh name it might, but teh idea just seems to dark. Do you have any other ideas?

Yeah i was making an escape room but im doing that my self.
Also thank you.

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One idea is quick-changing lasers, and they deal infinite damage. So it’s impossible to get from them.

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