Need help for bedwars lore (poll today)

so I’m making a bedwars map where echo and vortex fight, and I need lore including ctf or tag domination.

  • @banana’s lore
  • gimkit’s lore
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Sorry, but I’m having trouble keeping up these days. What is lore, and ctf? After I know I’d be happy to help.

Lore: a back story usually kept secret but can be found using clues. (i think that is an easy explanation). CTF = capture the flag

Thanks. I’ll get to work.

Maybe that Vortex had attemped to explode the Echo headquarters, but Echo prevetned it form happening. So Echo is trying to knock out all the players from Vortex. And Vortex is trying to do the same to Echo.

vortex is angry at echo for winning ctf year after year, as well as tag domination. vortex has come up with a secret, dangerous plan to win this years new game, bed wars.
sorry if this isn’t good it popped into my head

Who inspired you to make this game?

Echo and Vortex have yearly Tag: domination games to truly show who is better. This year a secret team, Cataclysm, has sabotaged their games causing both sides to believe that the other team did it. They have created a game called Bedwars built on both side’s rage to settle the score once and for all.


Wow that’s quite the beef. thanks for the info.

could you add more info that tells about how they are in the sky fighting in the bedwar islands.

Sure. You see Echo & Vortex had created their headquarters in the sky, so the other team wouldn’t loot their base and find their secrets. But little did each team knew that both teams had their headquarters in the sky! (It was created by mining resources from Dig it up and using the farm ability from farmchain to create new blocks) It was Vortex first when they were trying to relocate Echo’s new headquarters, using a millitary jetplane, when they found out it was also iin the sky. The millitary jetplane attacked the headquarters, which left it a teriable state. So as revenge, Echo found out Vortex’s island and attacked theirs as revenge. The both teams started to attack each others base. My lore thinking skills arent that great tbh.

that is good lore!! i have to talk with my team to see if it works

you can also edit the lore if you like

If you like one of them, remeber to mark it as a solution :slight_smile:

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