Need help for a game idea

I need help for some game ideas I’m making, so here are my ideas

Pie Plodgers!
A fun and exciting game where you give a pie to the face to your foes!
Craft, bake, and launch, this game will make you never stop playing!


Kraken Clicker
A game where you have to click a button.
But this is no ordinary button.
Click the button to get dollar! With each dollar you can buy weapons, upgrades, and eventually kill the kraken!


Quantum Portal Survival(i’m working on the name)

A game where you have to survive a room with sentries with quantum portals in hand!
With each room you survive, their aim gets better and they shoot faster, to the point where it gets GIMPOSSIBLE!

So which one should I choose?

  • Pie Plodgers
  • Kraken Clicker
  • Quantum Portal Survival
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Pie pldgers sound fun

It sounds like Deathrun so I’m rooting for that

yeah, but there are allready so many deathruns
(question, where is lego? is he leaving? *scared)

It’s not just any death tho, its like 1 with rooms and stuff.


He was suspended I believe.

No @LegoBuilder sadly was suspended due to the violent pictures he made…

ohh ok, i saw his profile now, ok, this is wonky

wait, the ones he and vwoom were talking about? oh, thank goodnes i didnt j0in it


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