Need help for a bedwars thumbnail! (Ill credit you!)

I need help for a bedwars thumbnail, @Nixximon your thumbnails are amazing, if possible could you help? And for other people, you can try too! And ill credit you!

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welcome to the forums @bobithan
im sorry but i cant

welcome @bobithan to the forums

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Welcome to the Forums @bobithan!

I can do one for you, I use adobe firefly.

Just give me more detail on what you want to see.

Work I've done

Anyone? or @Nixximon

very last minute but i hope you like it

Can you tell me what you want to see?

I’m bored sure. why not. brb

It looks incredible! Can you maybe make them looking at each other? And make the fire smaller? And one of them has a weapon? Ovarall, amazing! And can you make the thumbnai size larger? Because its too small it gimkit says

I could make a thumbnail but, i’ll need a full day or two

If you need anything changed let me know.

Im patient, so take your time

maybe use a Minecraft or cartoony bed? the IRL one just looks off

Anyone can try if they want, I need it by the 15th

New and improved !


Incrediblly amazing oh my

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welcome to the forums @bobithan
also, it might take a sec


quick question, is the map going to be a platformer @bobithan ?

@bobithan This is not finished but here it is so far…

What do you think?