Need help for a battle royale thumbnail map

don’t really know how to do it new to creative and really different

I might be wrong, but right now, we can’t take thumbnail requests here. sorry!

as of right now I’m not sure if thumbnail post are allowed, maybe try moving this to the wix?

oh sorry like I said I’m new

Also, welcome to the forums! Click on the More button on the side bar, press about, and read all ABOUT the rules!

That’s fine, the thumbnail thing is a new thing. It’s technically always been offtopic, but for the past month people have been doing them. Most forums members agreed to treat all requests as off topic, so we can’t take them right now :frowning:

Your good, i suggest you read the FAQ to learn the rules and ask around if you have any questions about things that aren’t listed in them. But welcome to the community!

Im going to email on this thumbnail thing, i hate turning people down and the mods don’t respond via messages. And this needs to be said if yes or no, you know.


Yeah. I don’t wanna encourage people to “uprise against the majority”, so I’m just stay neutral and enforcing stuff that apparently is a rule now.

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Also, @Godoffire1132, don’t forget to mark a solution!

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