Need help balancing a shop system

I’m making a shop system where players can purchase new, better gadgets for higher prices but I’m not sure how to balance it with the currency system and am looking for help.

Currency system:
1 question answered correctly = 10 Green credits
15 Green credits = 1 Blue credit (1.5 questions)
10 Blue credits = 1 Purple credit (15 questions)
5 Purple credits = 1 Gold credit (75 questions)

Each player starts with a common Zapper gadget.
Upgrade Gadget (to uncommon, rare, etc) - 7 Blue credits (11 questions)
Common Wooden Wand - 5 Blue credits
Common PML - 1 Purple credit
Common Evil Eye - 3 Purple credits
(When a player purchases a new gadget, the one currently equipped is removed from their inventory)

If anyone has ideas on how I can make this more consistent, please let me know. Some things seem too easy or too difficult. How can I balance the shop and currency?

Just asking, what items do you use for green and purple credits?
Also, it might just be better to give players item as they progress because they could just camp and get all the good weapons.

Camping won’t matter because they want to use real questions, not spam questions. The credits are probably keycards.

@arc5030, we need more info on your game to balance it better. Even then, our suggestions will be trash because else haven’t gotten the feel of the game. So I suggest that you have a few people test out the game and give you suggestions.


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