Need help and ideas for my map that's classic mode but 2D

It’s basically Classic mode but 2D and has the power-ups and upgrades and I’m wondering how to make it when you get a correct answer you can get more money per question like in classic and you lose money when you get an answer incorrect

We already have a classic 2D gamemode…
Even better, its official.

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well I’m trying to make my own version

To earn money, you should make it where you earn money once you get a question correct by linking an item granted to the questioner.

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I was thinking of making the questioner a button on the bottom left

Use overlays

If you want to have the upgrades and the increasing amount of money every time you get a question right, try this. It is a bit complicated, so bear with me.

First, you will need 3 devices.

  • A questioner

    Settings needed:

    1. “Open answering screen when receiving on” set to channel “questions”
    2. “Correct answer message” set to the starting number of points you want the player to receive. (I used +1,000 but you can use whatever.)
    3. “Incorrect answer message” set to that same number but subtracted like this: -1000
  • A property device

    Settings Needed:

    1. “Property name” set to “score” (you can use something else, score just makes sense and is what I used.)
    2. “Property Type” set to “Number”
    3. “Default Value” set to 0
    4. “Property Scope” set to “Player”
  • A game overlay

    Settings Needed:

    1. “Overlay Type” set to “Button”
    2. “Overlay Text” set to “Answer Questions” or something like that.
    3. “When button clicked, transmit on” set to channel “questions”

Now that the devices are set up, time for the complicated stuff…
In the questioner device, click on blocks, then click on the “When question answered correctly…” block. Make it look like this.

The 1000 should be the starting value you came up with when making the questioner device, and the 100 should be whatever you want to increase the energy by per question answered correctly in a row.

My example here would go like this:
First question answered correctly: +1000
Second question answered correctly: +1100
Third question answered correctly: +1200
and so on and so forth…

Now go back to the questioner device and create a new block but on the “When question answered incorrectly” one. Make it look like this.
Again, the 1,000 is whatever you chose for your starting value. This will subtract 1000 points and reset the streak for answering correctly.

I hope this was helpful and you were able to understand it!! :grin:


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