Need help, Alpha test for arena fighting game

If you could just test it (maby with other people), check for bugs and what-not. just to be clear, I am not promoting my map, just asking for help. /creative/showcase/U2FsdGVkX1%2FhVFkJU2ex8Pch1WLGZ55if5RGAdJ99NXDsrKMLJS2sr07z3KklDRqSk3V3TBXPw%2FLv0AkqDRlz%2FLfUcmXNl6snTBW1fYNL%2FY%3D

I would love to but this is unfortunately not allowed here


If you would like to test, make a separate tab, or ask friends! (you got them… right?)

If you want genuine reactions from other gimkit users, try using the Padlet, Wix, or discord!


wait, are you saying I could post a padlet and the admins would be ok with it?

Yeah, if the rules are allowed there. In a gimkit Padlet. (cause there’s multiple padlets)

Um I guess you could

hey guys need help? >unblur text<

I posted a new thing, so, yah. its a padlet with the link to the test. if you find the post then you can also put what you thought about it there.

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