Need finishing touches on a 2v2 teamdeath match game for the vault

Yeah I was just checking out the map I didn’t even touch the eraser… (him) I can’t EVEN report anyone yet because I just joined yesterday

@C-C please help us and welcome to the forum @SlimJim58 :partying_face:

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should I just flag this topic @jelloboss ?


please this needs to be shut down and I don’t know how to flag

Thanks @jelloboss for the welcome, but we didn’t do it… ugh why does this kind of thing only happen to me :frowning:

I got to go to lunch soon hopefully this topic I shut down when I get back

ayo! k12 means Kindergarten through 12th grade?

Are you sure that @jelloboss or @SlimJim58 were the ones that caused the destruction?

We have had a problem with impersonation recently. If I’m not mistaken you also posted a c0de here correct? Therefore anyone could click on this topic and j0in your game.
If you don’t mind telling, what was the person’s username in game?
A person’s username can usually tell if they’re being impersonated or not.

Until such time you provide information; @jelloboss & @SlimJim58 will be the two main suspects.

One final question: How many people were in the game?
If there was only 3 people than yes, one of these two did cause it, BUT. If there was more than 3 players, then there is a chance that someone could have j0ined your game, caused damage, left, and then framed the two suspects.

I say that we let this be. And we move on with our days. Lets just forget about this and Move on. That’s all.

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I saw a guy with the blueprint costume in there and he wrecked his map

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hello i just recieved your message and they were the only ones on there

and yes it was only 3 people (me and the two suspects)

Congrats on Regular! Sorry for the late notice…


Screenshot 2024-04-03 12.19.35 PM

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