Need finishing touches on a 2v2 teamdeath match game for the vault

guess that’s why we don’'t post codes on this but slimjim and me didn’t do this

a troll on the forms

the whole forums can see your code get on your map destroy it and not say a thing ther propley reading this now

Can you just delete this whole thing?

@jelloboss & @SlimJim58 i both reported you to the mods

that would be the right move
to slim jim

bruh I wasn’t slim Jim or me we were typing the whole time to you

enjoy your bans (hopefully) exploiters

did you not see the guys name that said get Tbagged

@That_one_tech_nerd you are the one that post the code on the forums why and we are innocent while the real person is laughing the head of for what they got away with

thats my primary username for hosting

no there were 4 people on your map

2 people besides me @jelloboss

it was someone else pls unflagg us

If im understanding this correctly, people destroyed your map?
What exactly do you need help with?

he thinks it was me or @SlimJim58 but it was a troll because he posted he map code on the forums

ive got it handled with.

I didn’t even do anything :frowning: I was exploring the map and then he kicked me out… The guy who did it went in and broke stuff then xed out

by reporting us :frowning: .

@SlimJim58 was standing still I can vouch for him (or her) and it was someone else