Need finishing touches on a 2v2 teamdeath match game for the vault

like more weapons or power ups

You already made one of these…

have it where they could buy the quantum portal

what if he didn’t get many recommendations in the first one

Yes i know but the person who was helping me had to leave.

they are way to op in close range and i already have it (as a rare rarity weapon)

ok then what if you have a speed boost

can u send ur email if ur not comfortable sharing it i can see why

no my emails blocked by the school so even if I had it ,it wouldnt work

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how are they blocked? my emails are not blocked

my school has every thing block I can only email theachers

that sucks! my teacher lets me email everybody!

i got it by the way for the code email me at

do I have permissions

go ahead and email me @jelloboss (if u can)

:person_facepalming: I can’t I’m blocked

no i dont im in middle school thats my schools system end part of the email.

ok can you give me permissions if so we can communicate in gimkit and not get banned in the forums

I don’t know… it was somebody in a blueprint costume

who did it @SlimJim58 @jelloboss