Need fininshing touches on a 2v2td map for the VAULT (PLS HELP)

Like getting better weapons and stuff like that

I… don’t understand what you need help with. can you explain it better?

its a team death match game (its zero build because building is way too comlicated)

I don’t think biulding will in game is possible anyways.

the vault is the key for better power ups and weapons (also how i make a the bullet speed faster (if possible))

  1. It isn’t possible to make a weopon faster, Just stronger.
    2.Im still not sure what you need help with.

whats ur email so i can send u the code

if your comfortable with sharing it

My school doesn’t allow foreign emails but here.

Wait not yet

Or try this. (I’m not sure it would work)

i dont have perms @relebloz3

Have you tried clicking “Request access”

just did request it @relebloz3

Try this-

OK, It should work now. The canva thingy

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