Need endings for game (Find the endings; COMING SOON)


I’m making a new game called find the endings (based off of find the Chomiks) where you need to find the endings. 1000 endings need to be made and there are 999 spots available. Any endings are accepted unless innapropriate or too off scale. just note the difficulty you want (Easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, extreme, What?, Oh no, …, or NO!), the name, and the puzzle to get the ending.


999 SPOTS???
You could just make a basic button ending where you just click a button and the game ends
Also I suggest that you also make a property that shows what ending you got on the end screen!

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ummm…1000 endings? idk if there is enough memory storage, but this is bold build goal! i would suggest asking a regular to make a wiki so you can inf. edit and put all endings in dropdowns with the description.

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Extreme: find a pet blackout
Description: you must make a rng table. a 1 in 100 chance to get the item, then you must unlock a maze. talk to the quest giver, who will make you knockout 30 sentry’s. then you must gather up the loot to unlock a cage with a pet in it called blackout. TAKE CARE OF ME!!


1.Burn down the building you are in.
2.Fly away.
3.Launch a nuke.
4.Get caught with F- report card
5. You enter casino, member of gimkit comes and sends to a custom made ban screen saying faq SAYS NO GAMBLING/CASINO GAMES

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ummm how is that solution that was 5…?are you gonna get a regular to make wiki then?

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