Need Boss fight ideas

Hey, I need ideas to make cool bosses so that the community can have fun.
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this is just an idea, but maybe you should use zones

basically, you would have two zones around the map, and they are wired to repeaters that enable tasks every second and stop after receiving on channel. so when the player enters the zone, they start the repeater(which is hooked up to a counter that starts at 30, with target value at 0), but when the player leaves zone, It will stop the repeater(just come up with a channel name). Once both of the counters(plates have been stood on for long enough) have reached target value, then it will deshield the boss(deactivate a barrier.)

What is the theme of your game I might be able to help you

The theme is boss battles.

You should do a robot or tree beast boss fight

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Good idea I’ll keep that Noted.

A cool one would be a chase, where you have to run around to fight the boss, each time maybe you have to do 100 damage, and then the last time you find have it be stronger. A way to link together it being stronger is by having stop in different shops, and then getting something from there. Like having stop at an arms store, and getting a better weapon, then stopping at a medkit store and having more health.

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