Need bomb seed ideas

So I have been working on a project for the last little bit called “stop the bomb” where two teams fight each other, keep their bomb’s time above zero, and take away time from the other team. The way that a player adds or subtracts time is by collecting seeds (yes I know it’s weird.) and either putting them in theirs or the other’s bomb. What I want is two “special seeds” that affect the time in special ways. (I already have 1 special seed that sets both teams’ average time together on both teams.)

phew that was a lot of writing

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? you need seeds for what so like a black seed that can give immunity to people using seeds on your bomb for 30 secs or a red seed to cut the time to half or double the speed of the timer for 10 secs

yeah, It’s an Interesting idea. Thanks for the ideas!

Budget like :heart_decoration:

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your welcome (you should probaly waited till brunch so smarter people could have done it)

Eh your ideas work so why waste time waiting for more?

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