Need a new thumbnail, editing time ran out

speak for yourself.

@dynachamp he or she was talking about all the people that come on this post and don’t know what I’m talking about

Before I made it more clear

All good. Thanks for telling me. Make sure to mark a solution

@Duck_King , I will ask you one last time before I tag a mod, but can you please mark a solution so you can close this topic as it has been resolved? Thank you for understanding. (To mark a solution, there is a button next to someone’s reply button. Press that, and it will close the topic.)

Please dont ping the mods.
You can instead switch it to Devices and mark a solution, then you can switch it back to Art

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I can’t change it to Devices

Uh oh, your editing limit ran out, probably request a Regular to change it to Devices
@THEHACKER120, perhaps you can do that?

Can you do it
for me?

Do i look like
A regular to you?
TL3, or Regulars, can edit other peoples topic title.
Sadly i am not a Regular. Just wait for one to do it for u.

what is a regular person like

like how are the only ones

Here is some info:

ok I’ll just wait for a regular to change the post
Thanks for the help

I mean, you could tag Pharlain if you wanted to…

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