Need a name for a PVP Museum Heist Game (Voting)

Museum Mystery or Museum Mugger

So is this game put in the perspective of the cops or the solo person? I need to know so I can have the title reflect that.

can you start a poll for the name?

It’s a multiplayer map 1 vs An Entire Team

I will go ahead and do that

Have you decided the name yet or still voting?

I just started voting

My vote has 1% more :moyai:

I might be a tiny bit late lol, but my game name idea:

Shifter: Stealing in the Shadows

For background info, I chose “Dollar Heist” after the hit series on Netflix: Money Heist

Gimtorpilos is crazy.

Guess what

I am going to haunt you forever now.

Voting will close at 11AM EST

Changed because I will be on my computer at 11 not 12

Congratulations to @gim_guy for winning the vote. You will be credited in a section I’m actively working on : D Another post for a thumbnail will come soon



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